mooseberries aren't the family-friendly treat you always thought they were.

manifestation is the second collection of audiostuffs by kalin, available for free download in its entirety. disc'd copies are available on request on the cheap on tuesdays.

Check out Shock Synthesis and Far From Home I Find Loneliness and Freedom.
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2015-04-14 New Music: Every First Time
2010-07-13 Writing Section Launched
2009-11-02 Music Player Upgraded
2009-10-26 Kalinism v2 half-launched
2009-10-11 New Music: Far From Home...
2009-08-15 Kalinism blue-ified
Sleep Firmly There's nothing like a good story before bedtime. You could try some shorts around the ankles of a gnome, or go for a stroll with a dangerous stranger. It's up to you, but I'd stay at least 20 feet away from the armadillo.
Most pages are still down while I work out some kinks, but feel free to navigate what you can!
kalinism (kay-lin-izm) n. - that which exhibits characteristics of kalin.
kalin christian peña is sometimes a 30-something human-something that thrives on creating within and without various mediums. current experimentations include music, poetry, short stories, sketch art, comic strips, photography, and stuffs. kalin also likes sushi.